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22nd-Mar-2010 12:46 pm - Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
vogue type

In terms of dialogue I absolutely MUST watch this movie...hahah I am a very sarcastic writer and this movie I'm told is very sarcastic...and it's one of the most overlooked movies of 2005...
I have a con-joined vignette due...TOMORROW...and yeah my partner and I haven't communicated at all and haven't even started on it hahha...guess what I'll be working on in my head all damn day.

Let me just go through some thoughts on it...it's a break up scene. Or a confession of love scene...I perter the break up scene personally...far more funny to write. I'll work on that and jot down some notes every chance I get...ugh...I have a class discussion in psychology that I'm only partially ready for...
vogue type
Fuck! I'm supposed to update this everyday. I am seriously failing at doing it...

Ok just some things I've been both thinking about and things I've been hearing. One thing:
I remember watching Family Matters (the Steve Erkel? show)...it was the Valentine's day special...it was interrupted half way and they showed me a news announcement of Princess Dianna's death.
"The Princess of Whales...has died."
I looked at my mother and said...... "Who the hell is that?"...


I just recently watched the movie Adam's Rib (watched it last night) and...yeah it was annoying. Katherine Hepburn both reminded me of my mother and grandmother (facial expression wise) but she was really irritating to me.

The dialogue was really annoying and a bit EXTREMELY HEAVY on the feminine rights side for my liking...they really go overboard. But I guess that was just M.G.M's way of keeping up with whatever events were going on in 1949.

I just heard a girl say "Oh my god Joe..you wear like..really cool clothes and stuff"...<-epic really.
24th-Feb-2010 02:04 pm - Film study #1 Writing Journal #1
Blonde venus 1932 helen

This would fall under the observations on society and thoughts on a movie part of my journal tasks.
So far...in my film studies classes (I'm in 3) I have watched the following movies:

Blonde Venus
His Girl Friday
and Sunset Boulevard

All shot  within the 1930s and 40s.
The first film I'd like to discuss was Blonde venus.

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23rd-Feb-2010 02:51 pm - First post...First vignette
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Today I write my notes...made my espresso and then I wrote out my first Vignette. Now before you ask me .."Kai, what's a vignette?"
Well it's a 2-3 page screenplay. Care to read?

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